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Bad odours can have a direct effect on your business profits, public image, staff and customer opinion. In the healthcare sector odour is often seen as inadequate systems and can lead to poor CQC reports, and very often standard cleaning procedures are ineffective. Once an area has been cleaned bacteria will return and reproduce, this will result in the return of the bad odour. Chemicals used in fragrance and aerosols only MASK the problem, they never eliminate the bacteria that causes bad odours.
Eliminate offensive odours and control environmental bacteria in washrooms, offices, healthcare environments, gymnasia, cinemas, schools, auditoria, dentists and other enclosed spaces with SaferAir air purification equipment.
SaferAir and Guardian eliminates odours by neutralising bacteria, viruses, and fungi found in the air and on exposed surfaces, in enclosed spaces, without the use of chemicals or filters.

  • Eliminates offensive odours and neutralises airborne bacteria
  • A breakthrough technology, totally chemical free!
  • reduced airborne bacteria by 80%*
  • reduces the spread of MRSA, C.difficile, Fungi and other airborne bacteria
  • neutralise offensive odours
  • leaves a fresh citrus smell
  • safe and effective immediately
  • no need for expensive plugins or aerosols
  • perfect for all pet environments, kennels, catteries and grooming parlours

*independently tested result using Guardian oil